Some frequently asked questions about ShluchimMatch.

What is ShluchimMatch?

ShluchimMatch is a joint project of Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch, the Kinus HaShluchos, and ChabadMatch dedicated to help the children of Shluchim to find a Shidduch as quickly and efficiently as possible, with privacy and dignity ensured.

How does ShluchimMatch work?

Shluchim register their children to the database by filling out a detailed questionnaire describing their child.  ShluchimMatch Shadchanim then have access to the profiles and can search through them to set them up.  Shluchim can choose to also allow ChabadMatch Shadchanim to access the profile and make suggestions.

Joining ShluchimMatch offers you accessibility to Shadchanim who would never know of you or may have forgotten about you when you are the perfect match for their contact.

Can Shluchim perform searches of the database as well?

Yes, when signing up, Shluchim can choose to allow parts of their children's profile to be visible to other Shluchim if they choose.  They can also choose to allow their profile to be visible to other ChabadMatch members.  We encourage you to work with ChabadMatch Shadchanim and allow ChabadMatch parents to have access to your children's profile, to enable more possibilities of a relevant suggestion being made.  Shluchim can then search the database and view limited versions of profiles that have been enabled to be seen by parents.  They will be able to see the Shadchanim that are working with each profile, and then contact the Shadchan for more information.

Does this work?

ChabadMatch has helped over 100 Anash singles get engaged.  You can read some of the success stories here.

Who should sign up?

ShluchimMatch is for the children of Shluchim.  Other Chabad singles can be registered at ChabadMatch.com.

Is there any cost to join?

There is no cost for Shluchim.  There is a membership fee on ChabadMatch for non-Shluchim.

What if I do not feel comfortable having my information online?

All information is stored in a secure database.  Approved Shadchanim have access to the database via password and are forbidden from sharing information on the database.  Parents can choose which Shadchanim will have access to their children's profile.

I just signed up.  Now what?

Our team will review the profile and contact you by E-mail.  Once accepted, you should make sure any of our Shadchanim that know you, indicate this on the profile.  This will enable someone interested in your profile to contact this particular Shadchan about the opportunity.  You may also do partial searches of the database, and contact the Shadchan of profiles that you are interested in.

Who are the Shadchanim on ShluchimMatch?

ShluchimMatch Shadchanim are approved by Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch to assist Shluchim with Shidduchim for their children.  Click here [under construction] for a list of ShluchimMatch Shadchanim.

Who are the Shadchanim on ChabadMatch?

All experienced Chabad Shadchanim are welcome to register to join ChabadMatch and utilize the database.  Shadchanim provide references of past matches and go through an approval process by the ChabadMatch committee.  Our goal is to unite all qualified Shadchanim in our communities to work together in making Shidduchim, while utilizing the technology that can make this happen.  Click here for a partial list of ChabadMatch Shadchanim.

What guidance can I receive in preparing for a Shidduch?

Rabbi Dubov's book: "Mazal Tov: A Chabad Wedding Guide" is available for download, and offers a guide in preparing for Shidduchim, based on the Rebbe's letters. 

You can contact us directly at info@ShluchimMatch.com with any other questions you may have.