Shadchan Application Form

Go through these quick steps to apply to become an authorized ShluchimMatch Shadchan:
Both username and password are case-sensitive.  Username is limited to between 6 and 26 characters, and password is limited to between 6 and 16 characters.  For username and password, please use only English letters, numbers, hyphens ("-") or underscores ("_"), and NOT Hebrew or spaces.  Password requires at least one numeric character and one alphabetic character.
Please supply 2 references of people that you have set up that are not your family members. We will call/E-mail your references and be in touch with you shortly.

1. I will not reveal my password with access to ShluchimMatch to absolutely anyone.

2. All the information listed on ShluchimMatch is confidential, and I will not share it with anyone not related to the actual dealing of the Shidduch.

3. I commit to reporting all successful Shidduchim where a ShluchimMatch profile played a role, and I agree to donate a minimum 10% (Ma'aser) of my Shadchan-Gelt to ShluchimMatch to ensure the continued operation of this service.